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Birthday Livesream :ONLINE:

Journal Entry: Sat May 5, 2018, 11:52 AM

Going to be livesreaming for a little bit so I can do some animation before I have to go celebrate! So come join if ya want to see me animate some awesome shist! ;P

Click the link at the top to get to my livestream!


Journal Entry: Sun Apr 29, 2018, 12:46 AM


Guess Who's Birthday???

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 28, 2018, 5:06 PM

So my birthday is once again showing up on May 5th, so I will officially be 24...

Anyway so I have been asked to put this up again. lol >->
So here is my birthday wishlist!

Boing! Boing!#1: Artwork of my boy Clyide Luka by these artists:
Love Rainarc Rhapsody 
Love BevToole
Love Myth-Keeper

Boing! Boing!#2: Artwork of my fiance Abaddon Vicalies by these artists: 
Love Rainarc Rhapsody 
Love Myth-Keeper
Love Autlaw

Boing! Boing!#3: Artwork of my new boy Duff Blecker or my persona Areeha Windler by these artists:
 Rainarc Rhapsody 

Oh Shist! Notes???

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 23, 2018, 9:28 AM

Idk what exactly is going on with DA at the moment but oh crap! XD The note system shat itself XD I had this issue last night when I was trying to rp with a few of my watchers XD Now idk if it is fixed now, because I did have two of my replies go through but I would suggest to send a test reply first, and make sure if you rp guys, copy your response just in case, so you don't lose your progress!!!
Hope this issue gets resolved soon!

RP What?

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 22, 2018, 10:31 AM

So I will be open for RP again here, because I just feel like it. XD so if you wanted to RP with me just go ahead and note or comment below! Thank you and I look forward to RPing with you!


Okay a few things I will add here since I did not add this before hand in posting this.

Bullet; White I will not do an rp if you are just going to drop it. Okay? Sorry but that is one of my     biggest pet peeves is when someone says they are interested in RPing, and then     they don't continue/respond anymore. If you have an issue, or there is a legit reason why you cannot continue, then be courteous to your rp partner at the time and let them know. Trust me, they will appreciate it!!!

Bullet; White I don't do sexual RP's, NOT AT ALL. The only thing that I will do is Vore, Fatal,     Soft, and Gore. That is it. I do not and will not do a sexually explicit rp with        anyone except those I trust, this is common sense. 

Bullet; White Keep in mind I do write a paragraph or so with my rps. I am not so much for script     writing. Because I like detail and I do like to be specific with what my characters     are doing or saying, even their mannerisms they do. 

Bullet; White Also if you have an issue with the Character I pick, then I will end the rp right away.     Because it shouldn't matter who I pick of my characters, it depends on me who I am comfortable with and who I feel like at the moment.

Bullet; White NO FIGHTING RPS!!!! I won't do fighting (oc vs oc) rps. I really don't like those,     mainly in the sense that I like story driven/gt/vore story rps. Not a boxing match rp.

Bullet; White I have the right to TURN YOU DOWN! If I am not comfortable with you, I will     state that clearly, I am not going to rp with you if I don't feel comfortable, but also    DON'T BE DISCOURAGED!!! This doesn't mean ALL. Just means that you are going to have to ask!

With that being said yes I am open to rp. But just respect me as a person. Really, or I am just going to write you off for future RPs. Just be polite and we won't have an issue.


So guys I also just got an awesome idea (Now this does depend if I do like the rp that we do) I may be doing fully done HD pictures like this: 
|Frustration and Patience| :FalseLies Concept Art: by SafireCreations |The Struggle Is Real| by SafireCreations |The True Monster| :Speedpaint in Disc: by SafireCreations |How to Catch A Demon by Surprise| by SafireCreations
But like I said it depends if I am inspired enough and like a scene enough from the rp. So don't hold your breath lol, because I am also a very busy person as well. But I may do something at least! But I guess just keep in mind that if I do like the rp, you may get a good piece from me with my boy Clyide <3

Oh now I am excited for this!!! XD Lets do this then!!

My Inspiration?

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 21, 2018, 5:20 PM

So I have given some thought, and to those wondering what is my inspiration for my fav boy Clyide Luka, then here is a small list that I have that correlated my fuel to actually making my sassy ass boy.
1. Jeepers Creepers (Mostly lol, I love this movie series)
 Image result for Jeepers Creepers Image result for Jeepers Creepers
Image result for Jeepers Creepers

2. Music (Such as these: )
His main music comes from these bands:
Five Finger Death Punch
Demon Hunter
And some miscellaneous music here and there from other bands.

3. Anime (Some animes/mangas are listed below: )
Blue Exorcist
Devil's Line
The Ancient Mangus' Bride
Vampire Knight
Black Blood Brothers
Tokyo Ghoul
Image result for blue exorcist Image result for manga devil's line Image result for the ancient magus bride Image result for Vampire Knight
Related image Image result for Tokyo Ghoul

Some other things as well:
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 (Cause Dracula is my Sempi lol!!!)

Image result for castlevania lords of shadow 2
The Vore/GT Community: 
(Hey what can I say? I love vore and I love my big bad boys eating damsels in distress lol who the hell doesn't in this community?)

(STILL my most favorite piece I did)
|Frustration and Patience| :FalseLies Concept Art: by SafireCreations

Anyway now you can see what brought my favorite boy together, aside from just my vorish dark mind lol. I hope to post more often, but don't hold your breath, I have a LOT of things that need my attention, mostly college right now at this point. But also projects are eating my time something fierce, no pun intended LOL

Thank you guys and hope you have an awesome day.

Abaddon Vicalies Updates

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 2, 2018, 11:41 AM

So recently as of late my art style has improved again. So what I have been tasked to do is update all of Abaddon's forms as a whole. This includes these forms:
Abaddon's Wargore Form:  Abaddon's Wolf Form by SafireCreations
Abaddon's Norgore Form:  Abaddon Dragon Form :New: Ref 1 by SafireCreations
Abaddon's Armored War Form:  :Abaddon's Monster Form: Reference Sheet by SafireCreations
Abaddon's Infographs:  :N E W: Abaddon Abilities/Psyc Form by SafireCreations
Abaddon's Abilites Chart by SafireCreations  :Abaddon's Physical Attributes Chart: by SafireCreations
Abaddon's Feral Form: (wasn't shown yet)
Abaddon's Human Mocking Form:  :N E W: Abaddon Abilities/Psyc Form by SafireCreations

All of this will be updated and will be fixed with ALL of his lore, BUT unless you're a beta reader of our comic "The Assassin" most of this/all of this will be censored. So sorry guys :sad: onion sad
Don't hate me for doing what the big guy says LOL! kaomoji set 2 56/67
But thank you guys for being loyal fans of this guy and I hope you guys enjoy the new updates! 

Character Comparisons Controversy?

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 28, 2018, 11:14 PM

Well as so it turns out recently as of late I have had several issues where I have been flagged as having 2 characters that look like Alucard from Hellsing. Which I have been told from several people, a few with reputable backgrounds in judging characters and artwork tell me they can see some similarities, but those similarities are unfair to tack on/copyright/trademark to one specific well known character. Which in question is the well known character Alucard. Also these people that do compare my two characters to Hellsing are either people that don't do artwork at all, are tracers/thieves themselves, and or just need to work/need a lot of work on their own artwork. So let's turn the table a bit.
These two characters are the ones I have been given flack for:
 :B l o o d y   R a m p a g e: by SafireCreations |The Struggle Is Real| by SafireCreations
The first being my beloved fiance's character Abaddon Vicalies, which is also his persona and a well known favorite in our little community. The second, my boy, Clyide Luka who is not only just a very special boy to me, but also represents me as a whole.
These two characters have gotten a fair share of flack in the past regarding to their similarities to the known Character of a popular Anime TV show known as Hellsing.
Image result for Alucard Hellsing Image result for Alucard Hellsing
Well at first glance one could say they are similar, but there are obvious differences that make the two considerably different if not completely. First of all the style is the same, but there is no such thing as art style theft and if you are one of those that do believe in this, then you aught to leave then. Because that would mean that everyone should be flagged for art style theft. Because many artists have the same style outside of this semi realistic demented style. Also to note this is only talking about their looks, getting into their backgrounds story wise, personality, as well as abilities and powers will only lengthen this journal to the point of me being here all night. And I have class in the morning lol.
First of all the hair. Black hair is rather common with dark characters or mysterious characters. And not to mention length, both of my characters have considerably longer hair than Alucard himself. Clothing wise, honestly you cannot call a trench coat a key factor with a character and call it "Oh that is Alucard's thing!" Because there are plenty of other anime characters that I can find that look like Alucard as well, and were older than this anime. For example: Carmen Sadiego
Image result for carmen sandiego Image result for carmen sandiego
or Black Blood Brothers: (Shall I also mention that Jiro is also a vampire??? Hmmm)
Image result for Black blood brothers Image result for Black blood brothers
Vampire Hunter D:
Image result for Vampire Hunter D Image result for Vampire Hunter D
Vincent Valentine:

Image result for vincent valentine Image result for vincent valentine
Ect. Ect. Ect, I could go on and on google searching. Point is you cannot just attribute a few physical characteristics to one particular character just because of design wise. There is no such thing. You cannot make a stern and steady basis on a character just by looks, there are honestly so many combinations out there for characters and even less so with anime. No matter how hard you try. So character comparisons just on their looks isn't a full analysis at all. Yes it does play in as a small tidbit, but it isn't a defining factor, nor should it be a death sentence to throw down on a character that someone worked hard on, spent money on, and dedicated years and time of their life into making. Now be that as it may, the defining factor would be their story/backstory/history, their personality, the story that revolves around them, as well as lore. This all should be key definements to dictate the character and how original they are. Even so then, you need to give the character a fair judging, and looking deeper into the artwork or description further. This is why you cannot dictate a character just by their appearance as a whole. Nor should it be. Even when putting the characters side by side they are all different in their own rights, same goes for mine next to the character I have so sadly grown a spite for because of how lac luster he has become when people compare him to others. Granted it is different if you decide to copy the story for batem. And a well renowned or infamous comic I have found recently is a perfect candidate for this:
Incarnate by Nick Simmons

Related image

Image result for Incarnate comic

Related image

Related image

Image result for Incarnate comic
Image result for Incarnate comic
Related image
You want a good rip off of Hellsing/Bleach/Ect? There is a good rip off for you.
Now in light of all this and what I have pointed out. What do you think?

Hey guys! shoutout from AMKE18 here!!! 

Myself and :iconrosethorn1483: will be meeting up with some of you guys here tomorrow!
So if you wanna come meet us then you can come find us at the Arcade on the 1st floor of the con on Saturday @ 1:00pm I'll be Cosplaying as my boy Clyide Luka and Rosethorn1483 will be Cosplaying as her boy Dexter Shade!

See you guys there!!!

UNDERAGE/Tracing Beware/Behavioral Beware

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 29, 2017, 7:56 PM

---DISCLAIMER: Note I do know the seriousness of bewares as I am a admin on FB in several beware groups including one of my own. Some of the nonseriousness in this journal is to put some comedy in an otherwise serious issue/situation.---
Edit: 11:01 12/28/2017

I have edited my wording in this a bit, as it has sounded like I was a bit more hyped than I was supposed to be. Mind you some of it is still there. Because I didn't want to tamper with much of it.

Also note this journal has been submitted to all the bewares I am currently in on FB

Edit: 10:11 12/03/2017
Okay so the kid is 16, he said so himself in his journal:
24059051 1524768217605191 2698293469576250929 N by SafireCreations
First of he is drawing leud images and that HAS to be censored according to DeviantArt's posting requirments, and since DeviantArt is United States based, it doesn't matter if you are outside the U.S either you have to still respect these rules.

This boy is under the age of 18 on this site, and he doesn't even use the mature content filter for some of these images, well most of them.
Star Catcher Page: 18 by Shanemister12  Star Catcher Page: 39 by Shanemister12  Star Catcher Page: 40 by Shanemister12  Star Catcher Page: 37 by Shanemister12  Star Catcher Page: 19 by Shanemister12  Douglas's reference  by Shanemister12

Except for one image but it is, but regardless, there should be a black out or some sort of sensor by where you can see the shaft going in.
NSFW Shipping  by Shanemister12
You CAN get permanently banned for what you are doing. And it is DEFINITELY not allowed on this site, at the VERY least.

Also to note I do have a friend who IS 16 and they learned about copyright in MIDDLE SCHOOL, and what you can and can't do with an image. I honestly don't care Shane if you are trying to be a reble or what have you, but it isn't allowed here. And as for the excuse of "Oh I am just trying to get better at drawing or learning anatomy!" or "I can't draw, I'm just trying to learn!!!"
There are better ways of learning how to draw or illustrate rather than violate copyright/publicly post leud images on a art website that specifically prohibits those kind of images. If you want to draw porn (even though it is against the law if you are under 18) then go and post that stuff on That is an art website MEANT for leud images and respectable NSFW or adult content artists.

Next time, instead of wiping your nose all over what is supposed to be a serious thing, just take what someone is telling you seriously. I have been here long enough to know what I am talking about. Granted I am still learning myself and FAR from knowledgeable. But I am not telling you this stuff to be a dick. I was giving you warnings that should have been heeded. And if you didn't understand, the a clear and simple conversations should have been instigated instead of resorting to calling me names and continuing your illegal actions.

Image result for Got ya gif

I have had enough of this crap I have said my piece and have clearly pointed out what is wrong here. Whether the boy listens or not is up for debate. Just hope that someone else who is more of a dick than I was doesn't come kicking down your door of false security there bud.
Edit: 5:21 PM 12/01/2017
Okay obviously this guy is pretty thick to not realize he is doing something illegal, or, doesn't give a flying fuck, and since the scared little boy had blocked me I cannot report him myself. So heres what would be best right now. Report the guy, each piece he stole report it, because he can easily either be banned, or DeviantArt will do an immediate take down of the deviations themselves. That is the best thing to do right now.

Also I do thank all of you who helped share and spread this beware! Keep it up! And thank you guys for all the support on this whole ordeal!
You guy's efforts are very much appreciated!
happy cry XD 
Edit: 3:42 PM 11/30/2017
Are you actually serious? He re-uploaded the stolen image even though he KNOWS it is wrong! XD Regardless if he is giving credit the artist said this was a BLATANT COPY/TRACE which ISN'T ALLOWED!!! Now I know this may be a bit mean, but now I am seriously questioning this guy's IQ and understanding of the situation/what he is doing is not right.
Star Catcher Page: 44 by Shanemister12

Here :iconshanemister12: let me put it in simpler terms, what you are doing and re-uploading this image is STILL WRONG!!! The artist DRUNKENFIST has stated before in my FB PM chat with them that their work is a GUIDE! NOT A BASE. You are NOT allowed to COPY or TRACE the image. It's only meant to show how the artist does their drawn mouth anatomy. Which means it doesn't matter if you give credit or not, you upload it, it is still stealing and considered art theft and plagiarism! Especially when you are using it in a project as big as a comic series!

Need I say more? This is obviously not right, and I am just curious when he will understand and get that fact.

...well, here we go again, let's have some fun with this one though shall we?

So about say about a month ago. I got a new watcher called :iconshanemister12: and like always I go through and look at the stuff the user provides and found this on their page:
24232405 1524766827605330 5289673734856913277 N by SafireCreations
Immediately I recognized it and went a head to confirm it and yes, it was a clear trace WITHOUT any credit given to :iconshadow-bases: 
Base Edit - Male Naga Stance by Shadow-Bases
So needless to say I commented and he tried to say it was his original artwork:
24232856 1524766740938672 7828411368780527877 N by SafireCreations  24294112 1524766797605333 7160649705086633558 N by SafireCreations  24131276 1524766867605326 7935951196527331427 N by SafireCreations  24293934 1524766917605321 4786851663707667577 N by SafireCreations  24067782 1524766957605317 6929476954530255406 N by SafireCreations  24301105 1524766994271980 3269364326080740112 N by SafireCreations  24129701 1524767030938643 4934295437526184722 N by SafireCreations  24174340 1524767057605307 1009299148316815065 N by SafireCreations 
After telling him the facts about copyright, that what he was doing was wrong, plus a possible beware, his friend jumped in as his white knight to stick up for his wrong doing:
24294254 1524767177605295 10110492931... by SafireCreations  24176719 1524767224271957 2021245981009222690 N by SafireCreations  24068039 1524767274271952 8185446173656654448 N by SafireCreations  24176764 1524767330938613 4610441555921306764 N by SafireCreations  24176736 1524767364271943 8595800640486295810 N by SafireCreations  24058863 1524767410938605 4226191486406710586 N by SafireCreations  24232195 1524767444271935 6374182097309458567 N by SafireCreations 
And that was the end of that. So I left it alone once I was assured that he did credit Shadow Bases. It wasn't until yesterday that I saw this:
24059215 1524767627605250 8518536046866067228 N by SafireCreations

Image result for facepalm gif
-this was the SECOND time he has stolen artwork...

Which I immediately recognized and when strait away to try and find the image it reminded me of, when I found it: (2nd mouth down on the right)
24129986 1524767800938566 5237302345923205321 N by SafireCreations

(...takes a few minutes to compute...)

Image result for really gif

Image result for troll face really
(my face when I compared the two pictures...)

I talked with the other admins of the beware group I am an admin for and they had assured the point to find the artist. So after a couple hours I did find the artist DRUNKENFIST, after talking to them I found out that the piece was only used as a reference and a GUIDE! NOT TO BE COPIED OR TRACED!!!:
24058817 1524767907605222 1389955949560333727 N by SafireCreations 24296289 1524768100938536 710314717744380459 N by SafireCreations
(My comment, also know that he called himself a "Professional Digital Artist" which he did not have a scrap of Digital art on his page that he made.)
24129757 1524767660938580 6984724324011750171 N by SafireCreations  24232842 1524767704271909 6943907862632820967 N by SafireCreations 
1 by SafireCreations
2 by SafireCreations

Anyway, as I went through again I found this little gem:
24059051 1524768217605191 2698293469576250929 N by SafireCreations 24294389 1524768244271855 6653997694476022287 N by SafireCreations

Anyway then the rest ensued and you can see the comments he hid here, and even my girl friend :iconrosethorn1483: got into this because the guy was an ignorant child just not getting the point: 
24068052 1524768324271847 920288782022987307 N by SafireCreations  24232517 1524768367605176 1663184994838498905 N by SafireCreations  24067913 1524768394271840 377806308938496672 N by SafireCreations  24058953 1524768640938482 3553582669642320460 N by SafireCreations  24068211 1524768714271808 4687718366038140406 N by SafireCreations  24174593 1524768754271804 4209407044937808050 N by SafireCreations  24232134 1524768840938462 5374583187906935863 N by SafireCreations  24296472 1524768930938453 2159370347904080472 N by SafireCreations
LOL yea that's where he hid my comments and here's the funny thing! HE THOUGHT SHE WAS BEING NICE AND AGREEING WITH HIM??? LOL 

Then he actually went ahead and faved some of her stuff, funny enough? HE DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE THAT ONE OF THE IMAGES HE FAVED HAD MY CHARACTER IN IT!!!!
24312649 1524769614271718 3329548242601679257 N by SafireCreations

Lawl Anyway it continued until finally I had gotten fed up enough with this rediculous, although funny, situation to make this, I know how serious art theft is and I apologize for my lack of seriousness in this matter but this is hilarious how this guy didn't understand his faults in this.
24067985 1524769037605109 3392176832453001674 N by SafireCreations 24067811 1524769080938438 8713212025972423378 N by SafireCreations
Lol what?
Wat by Username-91
Wat by Username-91
Wat by Username-91
Lol don't think that will work there bud.

Anyway I hope you guys had fun with this, because you know I did lol, and honestly I hope you guys have a nice day after seeing that awesome granny WAT gif! That's my fave by far!
Also note guys that I am not asking for anyone to attack or anything, if you do decide to comment, remember constructive criticism on the guy about his recent offenses. If you want to then I won't stop you, but this is merely to inform those about this Shanemister12's two recent and documented offenses. This beware will also be submitted to several beware groups on FaceBook as well.
Thank you guys for reading and I hope you guys do have an awesome day!

Small Note

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 22, 2017, 5:20 PM

Yeah this sort of thing gets annoying when you have to deal with this but here:

You see when you are on DA and you want to watch someone. That's great and all but unfortunately you automatically friend them as well. So if you want to prevent confusion or avoid the odd person saying they don't know you and ask you why did you friend them, then you uncheck this little button here:

Img 20171122 191409 by SafireCreations

Weird huh? All you have to do is click on the button showing you that you are watching them to update your watch settings! 
Niffty thing ain't it?

Living Update

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 9, 2017, 7:48 PM

Sorry for the late update guys but I figured I'd say it now while I can.

I have moved out of my Grandfather's house, for reasons I will with hold because that is for need to know only. This is my business and I am only sharing this journal with you guys. 

I am currently living with my fiancé/work partner/husband to be. And I am safe and happy. But I do not have internet currently where I am living, so I either have to use data or be in a free WiFi building. But I am looking to get a monthly internet provider. But it has been a struggle as I am in a boonies area.(meaning cannot get internet because how far away I am from town). So I am working on artwork still. Just offline. But when I finally do have internet I will announce it with a journal and possibly a livestream. So I guess it'll be a Q&A, to see how I am doing and to watch me do some artwork. But yeah that's kinda what I have planned.
Hence why I am offline and not posting much.
But yeah, don't be afraid to comment or talk to me below. And I will see you guys when I can. Again, thank you guys for your support.

Welcome Week! (Must Read!)

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 10:03 PM

So currently would like to welcome you guys on mine and my fiance's behalf to our page/fanbase!

We appreciate that you have decided to watch us and follow our artwork and other content we make/have!

Be sure to look at these links below for any important information before you comment/note/fav/ any activity on our page or artwork!
RP Info and Regulations
Rules and FAQs
Copyright Permissions

Copyritten Characters (CC):
The Hanged Man
Abaddon Vicalies

These documents do change over time and you WILL be notified when they do! You are held responsible for keeping up to date with these documents when they are updated! We are not responsible for any neglect for not reading!

Also be sure to check out what we do Green Tick 6
and don't do for our commissions. x  

Also keep in mind! If you are not on my list of Bro's (friends) don't add me as a friend yourself! If you want to be friends then that is a relationship built, not slapped on. Just be sure to edit your watch settings please. It's only fair to myself or any other creator here! Thank you!

Screenshot 2018-03-16-13-09-58 by SafireCreations

Thank you and we hope you like/enjoy our content! We hope to see some activity from you guys in the future!
And remember, if you like something that we do, don't be afraid to say so! We do also like comments or thoughts about what you think! Just make sure it is appropriate and in relation to our work. Any questions or concerns please express through notes!

Thank you!

Fed Up

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 14, 2017, 6:10 PM

I really REALLY can't believe I am doing this. But yesterday there was a huge flair up where one of my ex-friends :iconlordscorpion12: betrayed me heavily...
So first off this is what happened, there was a slight dispute that made me uncomfortable with his friend wanting to do some funny Chibi art of Clyide, normally I am fine with fanart. But I don't like for the fact of someone trying to baby or cutesy one of my monsters unless I am okay with it. Because they are supposed to be monsters, not puppies or kitties. And :iconrosethorn1483: had told them that I wasn't comfortable with it. Plain and simple. Yet they did it anyway, albeit, Scorp did tell me in skype that his friend did it anyway. And I reiterated myself, not being mad, but stern that I wasn't happy about it. Img 14102017 193332 0 by SafireCreations

I explained that I wasn't comfortable with it what so ever, and I didn't yell at him or lectured him like he accused me of doing. (This will come up later)
I have had issues with him in the past, how many is beyond me because I have forgiven him for it many times over. And was sore about this, not mad at Rae for it (just disappointed he just didn't heed my ill feelings about it), but semi strict for the fact that Scorp kept encouraging it. But when I went onto his profile just to look around I found his status posts just out of random one in particular that pissed me off and I am surprised I didn't notice this one before:

^422b4a5725f044add92410a3a7ef945a52f9bea2f4a0c8858 by SafireCreations
Mind you he commissioned me yes, but he knew about my school/home/relationship/work problems wwaaaaaaaaaayyyyy before hand when he pulled this stupid issue with me, this status post in question pertaining to this. He was aware of my TOSs when commissioning me and accepted them and for the fact I had other projects I was doing before hand that need to be finished. (Also note I will be giving him a refund, save for the time I have already put into his comm) But he became impatient and would constantly pock and prod me about it, even after I had some personal issues that had me literally balling, WHILE in call with him and others of my bros chat. So this is when I decided to ban him from the group temporarily. NOW instead of talking to ME about it. He went and talked to :iconeveechan: and :iconrosethorn1483: about it first. Rose was busy at work at the time and couldn't respond. As so was Evee, and she in fact didn't notice until we were in call (after I saw the journal he posted) that night yesterday right before he posted the journal calling me out publicly. So not ONLY did he avoid me like the plague, he also was too impatient to wait for Evee and Rose to respond. So then this is where this journal came into play:
Img 13102017 170002 0 by SafireCreations
I was livid and absolutely heartbroken when I saw this. So much that I was crying so much and jumbling my words when I managed to get my fiance on call to see what happened. To which after he posted this :icondayahya: and my fiance :iconabaddonvicalies: said something.
Img 13102017 173754 0 by SafireCreations

We were all very upset, and I couldn't get a hold of myself because he was leaving out so many details about the issue it wasn't funny. He neglected to tell the whole story and instead chose to be an insensitive bastard, a terrible friend, and a selfish prick that he just had to try and hurt one of the only ones that was there for him. I could go into details as to what the hell this kid has gone through, but I won't because that is HIS business and as much as I fucking hate him right now, I am not going to release his info. Only thing I will say is I helped him through personal home problems, talked to him when he needed a friend, helped him develop his character, offered to open my home to him, helped him through his first copyright issue/thief, and helped him get a copyright.
Yet he still does this to me?
Needless to say that was the last straw, hence my comment and immediate blocking. Abaddon wasn't too happy either, he was pissed because he was my friend and Scorp betrayed me. And betrayal and rudeness doesn't sit well with him.
Anyway throughout the issue he kept posting status post after status.

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And this one I didn't hear about till today:
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And oddly enough, the only person he blocked throughout this entire thing, was ROSETHORN of all the people! And she did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to him!

Needless to say, he was a selfish and toxic friend. Regardless of his "issues" and I honestly want nothing to do with him anymore. I am only saying something about this now because I am fed up with his antics, and want to warn/stave off anymore issue with him. I hope that maybe sometime he can mature enough to get past his issues. But I rather not stick around to wait for that to happen. I'll save myself the hurt and pain of it all. 

The Bros Skype Chat was supposed to be a safe place, but during the time of this issue, I didn't even feel safe in my own fucking chat I created. And honestly, in the future I am gonna stick to the 3 strike rule. After that and the 3 chances are up, then that will be it. 

Once bitten twice shy huh? I numbed that purposely because I thought this guy was a good person, but turns out he was only in it for himself.

Referencing/Tracing Tutorial!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 19, 2017, 7:20 PM

What? HOW DARE!!!!

Be aware of Copyright pt. 1 by SafireCreations

Be aware of Copyright pt. 2 by SafireCreations

LOL sorry guys I just had to, and I had an incident today that just made me loose a few brain cells about my most recent art theft issue. XD XD XD
So I did a parody kinda XD
Hopefully this makes you laugh!

30 Day Vore Challenge?

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 10, 2017, 10:00 PM


So :iconrosethorn1483: and I don't see much of these out there, and the ones we did find weren't much of what we like to see in the vore community so we decided to make our own! If you wanna do this challenge make sure you mention us and link back to both our journals!!! You guys wanted to see more vore art from me so here I will be doing a vore artwork challenge!!!

Beginning my challenge November 1st 2017

1. Soft vore

2. Maw shot

3. tease/taunt

4. opposite day #1 (same-size vore/GT vore   whichever one you don't do very often or not at all) 

5. accidental/unaware vore

6. Digestion

7. Lick

8. Hard vore

9. Full tour vore 

10. tummy rubs

11. cooking

12. internal shot/cut-away shot

13. blob/goo 

14. endo scenario (Ex. Heart, lungs, nose, ears.....)

15. tummy kisses 

16. Tail Vore

17. unlikely prey/revenge vore

18. opposite day #2 (Gender)

19. Full meal (more than one prey)

20. Object swallowing

21. Soul Vore

22. Stubborn Prey/ Upset stomach

23. medicinal/ helpful scenario

24. Fail/ Fakeout 

25. GT kisses 

26. Size comparisons 

27. Chase 

28. Belch/ Vomit

29. Rescue/Protection Vore

30. End! (Do your favorite one or whatever you love to do! Showcase your artwork as a wallpaper or a comic! or be random and do your own doo-doo emoji I guess XD )

33 Day Guro Challenge!!!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 10, 2017, 4:43 PM

Yep this is happening, because I want to try and challenge myself to do better and get better at my artwork.
I will be doing a combo of Traditional and Digital work. And they won't be big pieces, basically just warm ups. And I am thinking of using my Boi The Hanged Man for most if not all of this. So wish me luck!!! Starting TODAY

1. Amputation 
2. Decapitation
3. Vore / Cannibalism
4. Piercing / Bodymodification
5. Mask / Covered eyes / Covered mouth 
6. Surgery 
7. Stitches
8. Undead / Zombie 
9. Skeleton / Bones 
10. Cyborg / Mechanical 
11. Conjoined bodies
12. Parasite
13. Sickness
14. Selfharm 
15. Insects
16. Bondage
17. Tentacles
18. Ball-jointed doll
19. Pet-play
20. Eyes
21. Breath play 
22. Torture devices
23. Nosebleed
24. Bloodbath
25. Organs
26. Plants
27. Extra limbs
28. Knives / Guns / Weapons
29. Burn
30. Monstrous
31. Claustrophobia
32. Scarring / Disfigurations
33. Beaten up / Bruising

From: Original Post

Beware of this User!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 5, 2017, 11:47 AM

Okay so sadly my dear friend :iconlordscorpion12: 
has had his first encounter with character theft/copyright infringement/unauthorized use.
The user in question is :iconstampylongnosefan2: who had created a NSFW, noncanon ship with a character and V's character Victor. Who has a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Noderivatives 4.0 International License on the way. Which means regardless he has Copyright over the character entirely. 
Now he has stated he is fine with stories and fanart of his character but only in good taste and so long as it isn't posted, since his character is still in development.
Which is a no brainier you should ask permission before posting right?
Well not according to the one that posted this on Wattpad. I will be adding this person to my User Black List so you all can see who to look out for and what. I will also be posting some of the screenshots in this journal when I can later on today.
Also be aware this isn't their first offense. They have done this repeatedly as shown all over their profile. And I do have screencaps of everything.

I will update this journal in a couple hours with screencaps. Meanwhile go and give my bud some support. This is his first encounter with this crap and he does feel pretty shitty about it and feels like he cannot trust her or her friends anymore.

Thank you guys for your support and I will be sure to provide the full story and screenshots when I return!

Update: 9/5/2017 4:58pm

Skype chat Screenshots Ex1 by SafireCreations Nathalie Fish Previous Art Theft Callouts Ex1 by SafireCreations
Nathalie Fish Previous Art Theft Callouts Ex2 by SafireCreations
So here are some of them as an example. I do have 10-15+ more screenshots of both these things.
So to clarify this is what had happened:
Yesterday evening when I got back from work I was just talking with my Bros on skype ( :iconrosethorn1483: and :iconlordscorpion12: ) when Scorp brought up the fact that someone had written a fanfic without his permission. He was extremely upset. Almost on the brink of tears and hanging up just so he could deal with it. But That is when Rose and I said that we would help him out with it. We saw what was going on, but before I or Rose could comment the post was taken down because he had managed to talk to the person who posted it to do so. But it wasn't over from there. They were antagonizing him and questioning why he was so upset over it. And he couldn't handle the harassment any further and decided to bring us in to help him out because he felt as if he couldn't handle it by himself. So when we got in we were immediately greeted with ridicule. And all it was was a back and forth of what was right and wrong. Basically just a bunch of kids with no knowledge of copyright, Creative Commons License, Fair Use, ect. But what bothered me the most in seeing how they acted was because of this fact:

We went in there to defend him, our best friend because these guys were harassing him. He was distraught and these kids were SUPPOSED to be his friends and back him up and be there for him. Yet they were standing by the one that HURT him, and betrayed his trust. Trying to validate her wrong doing. She got CAUGHT doing something absolutely disgusting to his character which she had no permissions for by HIM! And he had CLEARLY stated that he was not comfortable with it or his character being portrayed or used in that manner. She had absolutely NO right to post that let alone write it!
So after we had said our pieces we left and cut ties with that toxic group. But once again it didn't stop there. We advised that Scorp do a journal about it to warn others of it, and so did the same on our accounts as you see here. This is around the same time that Scorp had found Nath's DA account and also where Mang was guilting Scorp into unblocking her. Which was a bad idea, because then she began to harass him and threaten him.
Right now Scorp is very hurt still badly, and Rose and I are still trying to keep him at a level head. And unfortunately still these immature kids are still trying to harass him by messaging him on his social medias, they are spamming him and gathering up all their friends to try and get at him. 
Currently he is trying to block them all but he really does need the support guys and we would appreciate if you show him some love.

Once again thank you guys and if you need anything else like more screencaps or any links then I have them for days.
Thank you for your support and know that we appreciate it. :)

Topic of Art Thieves

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 1, 2017, 7:24 AM

Right, once again I have another college project I have to do.
And I am doing it on the topic of Art Thieves and Character Comparisons.

I would like for anyone that comments to keep it drama free. If you start to stir up anything your comment will be flagged and you will be banned from this page.
These are some of the questions I do need answered, and I would also like YOUR opinion on this subject.
So here are my questions:

1. What do you think about it?
2. Why do you think the thieves do it?
3. What are your thoughts on O.C comparisons to a Popular Character? (Critique Wanted vs Unwanted)
4. Final thoughts?

Thank you and I appreciate your thoughts on this subject! ALL ARE WELCOME!